Aquaflex Soil Moisture Monitor


Monitor soil moisture from your computer

Aquaflex Graph

The Aquaflex soil moisture monitoring system graphically displays soil moisture, rainfall and soil temperature on your computer. This data can be used to help decide the best time for applying nitrogen and other nutrients in the growing season.


Aquaflex sensor






Soil Sensor


The soil moisture sensor generally stays in the soil permentally. The depth of the sensor is optional, but is usually placed in the root zone and deep enough so as not to interfere with seeding operations.




Stand Alone System

Stand Alone

The moisture sensor is located in the field, data is stored in the sensor. To access the data simply plug a laptop, palm pilot or windows tablet. The data then can be transfered to your desktop computer.

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Radio System

Radio System

The moisture sensor is located in the field. Data is sent back to a computer via a radio link. Rage of up to four kilometers with a good line of site. More detalis